Accès Art Services

Online Therapy

Online Individual Therapy

We offer online therapeutic support for children, teenagers, adults, and seniors. We support you in your journey of understanding and coping with stress, anxiety, depression, emotional and sleep disturbances, separation, loss and grief, addiction, relationship issues, and other life challenges.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we offer phone or video sessions, of 45 to 120 minutes, having the same format than the regular ones. For the video sessions, you are required to have an electronic device (smartphone, tablet, or computer) to be able to connect to an online session with our therapist. We use secured video platforms, to protect your identity and confidentiality. Contact us for more details.


Online Group Therapy

Support group focused on loss and grief

During the social distancing, we offer online support groups using art therapy for adults who experience loss of a dear one, in these times of reduced resources. The goal for the group therapy is to have a space where you are heard, where free self-expression is welcome, and where you can build a support network.

Creative art therapy group for adults, focused on self-expression and well-being

Our 4-weeks creative art therapy group goes online! This group is focused on exploration of emotions and on enhancing the mind-body connection during the pandemic times of confusion and social isolation. Free your creative self and welcome your feelings through art, movement, and music. Embodying feelings, exploring them with all the senses, learning to stay in the present, will give you more insight and awareness into own inner world through this immersive experience. Knowing more about yourself will help you focus on the present, develop resilience, confidence, and enhance your well-being. No artistic experience is necessary.

Support group for seniors

This 6-weeks online group is non-directive and will explore each session a new concern coming from the group. In a respectful and validating group environment, each participant will have time to express personal concerns and give feedback, enriching the discussion and building connection. Stress, isolation, finding inner and outer resources, searching meaning and a sense of belonging, and staying creative are just some examples of the topics we can explore.

Online Workshops

Creative workshops for all ages

We offer artistic workshops focused on creating art with art materials that we find at home, learning self-relaxation, and staying in the present. Our workshops are live and require registration.