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Creative Therapy

You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have. ” — Maya Angelou

To get deeper into emotions and reconnect mind and body, our therapists use music and drama, along with mindfulness techniques. From trying and making various instruments, to embodying other characters and experience how it feels from the other side, we offer a range of therapeutic approaches, suitable for all ages.

No prior creative experience or skill is required.


Creative arts therapies are effective ways for people who face difficulty verbalizing their deep feelings. If you want to understand your blockages and pursue a creative process of understanding how you store all the emotions in the body, this modality is for you. If you want to work through your trauma, anxiety, grief, this approach may be a less threatening way to access deep emotions, fears, and negative thoughts. You may want to try it if you want to understand how you impact each other in a relationship.

You may choose this type of therapy for your child who is experiencing challenges to describe feelings about issues of anxiety or depression. A child going through painful life events such as grieving, parents’ separation, severe illness will be able to process creatively emotions that are too hurtful to put in words.

Further, children and adults with autism or intellectual disabilities, can gain therapeutic outcomes from creative arts therapy. For the persons with special needs, exploring themselves through drama and music can promote their attention span and a sense of achievement.