Accès Art Services

Group Therapy

Our team facilitates group therapy for children and adults, in a non-judgmental and safe environment, using creative approaches. We have diverse groups, for different ages and conering various themes.

Group goals vary from promoting self-efficacy and well-being to acquiring skills in anxiety, depression, etc. Depending on the topic, the approach may vary from open studio to more directed interventions.

We offer group therapy at affordable prices.


Due to Covid-19, we are offering online sessions, offering the same support from the comfort of your home. Please visit our Online Therapy page for details.

Types of Groups

Support groups

We facilitate groups for addiction, abuse and other traumas, and chronic disease survivors and caregivers (e.g. cancer, dementia) in residences, hospitals and rehabilitation centers. We facilitate sharing between participants by helping them finding their strengths, building a support network, and reducing stigma.

Creative Art Therapy Groups

We have our regular groups at our offices, for children and adults.

The art therapy groups for children experiencing anxiety and overwhelming fears, for developing resilience, and self-expression.

Adult groups are focused on dealing with anxiety and depression, expanding creativity and problem solving skills.

Art hives / open studio groups

We design and facilitate open studios (called art hives) for all ages to empower your community. Art hives connect the participants to their creative resources, build artistic skills, create friendships, and reduce isolation. We organize pop-up art hives in: community centers, libraries, residences, hospitals.

Our Ongoing Groups

We offer affordable group therapy for various problems and ages. These groups start when a minimum of 4-5 participants are registered, every second or third month. Fees are 25$ per person for each session, payable for a block of 4 sessions.

Please contact us if you would like to know more details or to register for a future group.

Art therapy for children experiencing anxiety and overwhelming fears

This group starts every two months and has a limited number of places (5 children, similar ages). The group art therapy is 8 weeks long. The children will learn what is anxiety, how does it feel in the body, make a body map with their anxiety sensations, understand the causes of their anxiety, learn and create tools to reduce stressful triggers. All interventions are visual and discussions about their artworks will follow.

Art therapy for adults with depression

This is a 12-session intervention and it is based on a phenomenological art therapy intervention developed by Christina Blomdahl, PhD. This intervention will help adults get more insight into the causes of their depression and learn to use their problem-solving skills. Through art-making and discussions as a group, the clients are invited to have a deep and sincere scrutiny of how depression affected them and what would they be able to change in their lives.

Support group for children: learning social skills and understanding healthy relationships

This is an 8-week group creative art therapy that helps children and adolescents develop healthy interactions with the others, based on building self-confidence, empathy, and awareness of destructive relationships. The group therapy uses various artistic modalities as ways of expression and fosters a better understanding of negative thinking and overwhelming emotions that could impede them to relate to their peers.

Creative art therapy groups focused on self-expression and well-being

This is a 4-weeks creative art therapy group exploration of various emotions. We offer this group therapy in two formats: for children and for adults of different ages. We form the groups based on age and interest of each participant. The group will try to welcome feeling through art, movement, and music. Experiencing the feelings with all the senses will give more insight and awareness into own inner world through this immersive experience.