About Us

We are a company that promotes creative approaches to well-being and mental health. We see art as a way of self-discovery.

Our name, Accès Art, speaks for itself: we would like to give all our clients the possibility to access deeper knowledge about themselves through the artistic process.

We offer integrated creative arts therapy services for children, adults, and companies.

Our Mission

Our mission is to accompany our clients in achieving their goals and reaching their full potential, by offering an alternative, deeper approach to their problems.

Our approach is based on the latest neuroscientific research stating that creativity and expression through art are the easiest ways to get in touch with painful memories, to rewire our brain, and enhance our well-being.

We strive to make the creative art therapies and their benefits known on a larger scale, providing affordable services to all our clients.

A word from our president

The idea of building a company that uses creative art therapy aligns with a great need in our current world. Being an art therapist and artist, I constantly see in my sessions the undenyable healing power of the artistic process.

Holder of two master degrees, in art therapy and fine arts, my professional career includes art therapy services for seniors, for clients of all ages with various life challenges, and Inuit and First Nations adolescents. I collaborate with Concordia University on research projects and I am involved in the promotion of accessible art therapy in communities.

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Our Approaches

Here are our therapeutic approaches. Click on each picture for more information.

Art Therapy

Art therapy uses art materials to help the clients visualize their strengths, their goals, problems, blockages, and foster a good insight into dealing effectively with negative feelings and thinking. The underlying goal of art therapy is to improve the client’s well-being.

Sandplay Therapy

Sandplay therapy uses a tray of sand (of a specific dimension), miniatures of people, animals, vegetation, toys, etc. to help create an image in the sand. It is an approach suitable for both children and adults, addressing our capacity to heal ourselves.

Creative Therapy

To get deeper into emotions and reconnect mind and body, our therapists use music and drama, along with mindfulness techniques. From trying and making various instruments, to role-playing, we offer a range of interventions that facilitate self-expression.
We strive for high quality therapy



Individual Therapy

Around 100$ per session

Accès Art offers therapeutic support through art and sandplay therapy for clients of all ages experiencing life and relationship challenges. We support you in questioning and overpassing personal problems related to stress and anxiety, trauma, grief, separation, depression, addiction, emotional management, and more.

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Group Therapy

Starting at 25$ per session

Our team facilitates group therapy for children and adults, in a non-judgemental and safe space, using creative approaches. We offer support groups and our regular trimestrial groups on various themes, from promoting self-efficacy and well-being to acquiring skills in anxiety, depression, etc.

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Thematic Workshops

Contact us to get the pricing

We offer educational and training workshops on various topics to children and parents in schools, to caregivers in community centers or senior residences, etc. Besides, we provide workshops covering a variety of themes like self-esteem, anxiety, social skills that include an experiential module.

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Services for Companies

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We offer a variety of services accommodating the needs of each company, including workshops on various topics including stress-reduction and enhancing communication in teams. We bring in your venues, for your employees, Lunch & Learn sessions on various topics demystifying mental health.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you offer free initial consultation?

Yes, we offer a free phone or in-person half-hour initial consultation. During this consultation we will briefly discuss what brought you in therapy, our approach, and other details related the therapy that you may want to know.

What should I expect from a session?

The first session is usually a free discussion regarding your problems and your goals. The following sessions the art therapist will start to support your process towards meeting your goals, working together on visualising the concerns and finding healthy ways to deal with them.

How long is a session?

The individual sessions are usually 50 min long. The group sessions are longer and vary depending on the topic and type. Please check the group sessions here, for a better idea.

Do I need to bring art materials?

Of course not! The art therapy room has a great variety of art materials. The therapist will either invite you to choose your materials, or will suggest some, depending on the goals of the session.

Do I need to have any artistic skill?

No previous artistic experience or skill is needed for the sessions. You will be invited to use art materials as helpers to access your strengths easier, so the emphasis is on self-expression and not on the esthetics of the artwork.

Is this service confidential?

As any therapeutic service, art therapy is confidential, that meaning the therapist will not be allowed to disclose any information shared by you in the sessions. However, the therapist is required by law to report any imminent danger to harm yourself or/and others.

How can I pay?

You can pay cash, by interac transfer, or by cheque prior or at the end of the session. Unfortunately we do not accept any payment through cards.

How and when can I cancel an appointment?

You can cancel your appointment by phone or email 24 hours before the confirmed date. If you cancel it after this time, a cancellation fee will be applied to your account and you will be required to pay it prior your following session.

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    The art therapist Bruce Moon, points out that “some people think that the purpose of therapy is to help individuals to come to know and accept truths about their lives”. Many clients come to therapy, expecting the therapist to “fix” their problem(s).

  • April 21, 2020

    What is mental health and when to seek help?

    A discussion about mental health tends to find many of us unguarded and in denial, since it is so stigmatized in our society, a label that nobody wants to have. However, what is mental health?

  • Apr 10, 2020

    Effectiveness of art therapy with adults

    Without having to spend time hearing each person’s story of anxiety and blame, the art product can be created simultaneously by everyone drawing at the same time, which increases the number of meaningful conversations.

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